Student Project Report
Agent Cities: Agent Based Information Services for Mobile Users

Author Albert Fernando

Supervisor(s): Steve Willmott and Marc Torrens


Mobile devices which can be used for Internet access are still much more limited than their desktop counterparts however. With this motivation we want carry out a project that provides mobile users an easy way to obtain some useful information such as information about cinemas, hotels or shops. To achieve this the project focuses on the concrete task of retrieving information. If we can select just the information we want from all the information we can obtain, it will mean faster communication and reducing browsing time for the user. Articial Intelligence plays an important role in achieving this goals because we want an intelligent way to select the information. To help deliver useful services on mobile devices this project applies agent technology to delivering information about services available in towns and cities. More concretely we develop an agent-based version of a cinema information service for the city of Lausanne. This project goes along with some other projects that are carrying out the same task but retrieving other kinds of information services like hotels, restaurants and others. The environment used is based on the FIPA (Foundation for Intelligetn Physical Agents) standars, which provides interoperability between different agents and agent-based systems. Concretely, the FIPA platform used is JADE (Java Agent Development Framework).


The main goal of this project is to make true a new way of retrieval information using multi-agent platforms compliant with FIPA's standars. This purpose is entirely achieved and it proves that these new platform work correctly. These new ways of interactiong provide, besides the historical retrieval information systems, more flexible ways of interoperability and also bring the possibility to add layers with different levels of intelligence. After this project, we can ask for a static and dynamic information of the cinemas and films; and also, we can use an easy way to interact with them, the brokers, concretely two: Cinema Broker and City Cinema Broker.

Future Work

This semester project is part of a huge project, Agent Cities. Agent Cities is in the beginning phase, so we are building the bases for an important future work. Concretely, related to my project we can add several functionalities. In the following, we relate some ones with brief description:

  • Parser. The realisation of a parser can provide us the possibility of interacting with real data. Also, it provides an easy way to update the information we ask for.
  • Interoperability. The main goals in this state of the prokect is the interaction between different platforms, which means that a simple agent can be requested from any platform.
  • Booking. The possibility of adding booking services is also quite useful.
  • Voting. In the current days is quite easy to find sites where you can express your opinion about a film.
  • Predicates. The addition of predicates makes more powerful the agents and they will handle more complicated queries.

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