Student Project Report
Agent Cities: Agent Based Information Services for Mobile Users

Author : Michel Galley

Supervisor(s): Steve Willmott and Marc Torrens


Telecommunication and Internet markets are moving rapidly to offer new mobile opportunities. An ever-growing number of services and information sources are now available, but we are realizing the limitations of traditional user interfaces, especially on mobile devices constrained in size and processing power.

We think that the agent abstraction can be a powerful paradigm for addressing these issues. It decomposes the complexity of problems into small autonomous communicating entities, the agents, well suited for computationally constrained environments.

AgentCities is a promising initiative, which tries to realise the commercial and research potential of FIPA agent applications. It aims to build a network of publicly accessible, continually available FIPA platforms, where each platform represents a real world city or place (Lausanne, Paris, etc). Services deployed in AgentCities centre on information and transaction services for real world objects such as shops, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, theatres etc.

In this semester project, we have modelled and implemented hotel services for the city of Lausanne. Our agent system provides information and transaction services: an agent accessing our services can search for hotels satisfying some given conditions, retrieve information about them, and finally book them. The search service is handled by a particular kind of agent, the Hotel Service Broker (HSB). With this agent, it is also possible to book multiple hotels at once.


The hotel services have been developed and will soon be available on a continuously running FIPA agent platform available at LIA. Services deployed in the testbed are only taking into account ten hotels of Lausanne.

Future Work

Last modified: 2000/02/05