Student Project Proposal:

Implementing language processing techniques for retreiving information from real flight database


Chappelier Jean-Cédric
Office: INR 232
Tel: 021 / 693.66.83
  Torrens Marc
Office: INR 220
Tel: 021 / 693.66.77


The goal of this project is to implement a package in Java language to deal with information retrived from a real flight database. This database is the real system used by travel agencies in order to book flight tickets. So, in this database (which in fact is a federation of databases) there are all the information about all the airline companies and flights over the world. The student will collaborate within a research project about electronic catalogues. In this global project (electronic catalogues) we aim to build a real system to plan air travels.

We already have a Java package for accessing this data from the SwissAir servers, but the information that is retrieved is in some way heterogeneous an difficult to deal with. Some times there are some fields that are in "free text" format, so natural language processing is needed. Thus, the main goal we propose is to investigate the format of this data, the "meaning" of the database fields and build a package of classes in Java to process it.

The student will have access to the real system and he will get the official manuals of the system provided by SwissAir. There are also the possiblity of contacting the technical section of SwissAir (we already have contacts with them) and collaborate with them.


Familiarity with Java programming language.

English: The papers and packages are described in English, but the students are free to use French to do report or to interact with the supervisor.


Unix station.

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