Student Project Proposal:

Virtual web pages based on physical simulation


Marius Silaghi
Office: INR235
Tel: 5209
  Boi Faltings
Office: INR211
Tel: 2738


Designing web pages is easy when everyone uses browsers with the same capabilities. Browsers may also run on very simple network devices, even on mobile phones. A big challenge is how to adjust information display capabilities in this variety of devices.

In this project, we will explore a new approach. Every element of a presentation will become an object with a certain characteristics (value), depending on its relative importance. Browser screen space as well as other capabilities (sound, etc,...) are resources that are assigned in such a way that the page value be increased. Using algorithms of physical simulation which guarantee an improved resource allocation, objects are converging to certain display resources and layout.

The goal of this project is to implement the techniques and test them on a variety of sample presentations and simulated end devices.

Layout of web pages is a key problem which is not yet solved satisfactorily. This approach has the potential of providing a solution.


Knowledge of Java and XML, good programming skills.



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