Flight Data Statistics Generation

TITLE: Flight Data Statistics Generation

STUDENTS: 1 semester project


This project involves EPFL, AI laboratory, and i:FAO, a leading software company for business travel e-commerce solutions. Currently, the booking does not take into account statistics about flight delays and other statistical data. Clearly, some of these statistics can be of great help to guide the traveler through the most appropiate flight combinations during the booking phase. Nowadays, in Europe, there is not any information source in the Web providing such data.
The goal of this project is to develop a software capable of collecting flight data from different web sites, for instance: airports and airlines. This information should be retrieved regularly from the different information sources and stored in a centralized and structured database. In order to easily access the information from the different web sites, the student will work with a tool that has been developed at LIA by Vinh Toan Luu that allows to automatically wrap web pages in an easy way. It provides methods to generate web parsers that can be integrated within other applications.
The project involves the following steps:
An interesting issue will be to collect weather information as well, and see if there is a clear correlation between weather conditions and flight or airport delays.
The tool to generate statistical data will not be just a mean generator, but a tool capable of relating data. It is interesting to infer general criteria that explain why some specific flights tend to be delayed. It will allow us to predict if a flight combination is risky for the traveler due to a potential delay.

The project can be done in French or English.

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